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How does one get on the list?

To get on the list is a long and elaborate process. Usually such a process starts at municipal level, when somebody believes that our fantastic natural scenery, or a heritage site, should certainly be considered as a part of World Heritage. One condition that must be fulfilled in order to forward an application is, that the local population must be in unanimous agreement. It is an individual country’s government that may propose candidates for the World Heritage list. In order to decide whether or not a site actually has, ‘outstanding universal values’, international experts are consulted and they undertake an evaluation of the site based on their expertise of similar sites in the world. The advisory organisation, ICOMOS undertakes such evaluations. When this stage in the proceedings has been achieved, and all the documents that are required to accompany the application are in place, then the whole package is sent to The World Heritage Centre in Paris. The committee has an annual meeting when new applicants are considered and a vote is taken as to whether or not a site should be considered as World Heritage.

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