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World Heritage Sites in Norway

World Heritage in Norway consists of seven different World Heritage Sites. In addition, there are the four points on Struve’s Geodetic Arc. One of the sites, The West Norwegian Fiords, encompasses an area of three Norwegian counties and six separate municipalities. The first two Norwegian sites to be voted on to the list were, Bryggen in Bergen and Urnes stave church, both of which were elected in 1979. The most recent entries, in 2005, were The West Norwegian Fiords and Struve’s Geodetic Arc. Several other Norwegian sites are under consideration for the tentative list. By clicking on one of the dots on the map on the right you will arrive at a World Heritage site.

Struve’s Geodetic Arc The Rock Art of Alta Struve’s Geodetic Arc The Vega Archipelago The Mining Town of Røros The West Norwegian Fiords Urnes Stave church The West Norwegian Fiords Bryggen in Bergen Notodden-Rjukan Industral Heritage Norgeskart

World Heritage Sites in Norway


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